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Package Details: Actinomic (actinomic)

Screenshot Actinomic 1.1.56
Theme NameActinomic
AuthorPer Bang
DescriptionClean WordPress theme DrX ajax apps
Text Domain_drx
Tagstwo-columns, three-columns, left-sidebar, grid-layout, flexible-header, custom-header, custom-menu, custom-logo, blog, e-commerce, education, entertainment, news
Intended Frequency of ReleasesOn Demand
WP Version5.5.3
Theme URIhttps://www.orcapia.com/drx/themes/actinomic/
Package Fileactinomic-1.1.56.zip require login
Release TimeWed, 18 Nov 2020 00:29:58 +0100
Package File Size1.18 MB
Package File MD5 Checksum4b6e1bae6b259e2c911f02ab3653c9ec
Package File SHA-1 Checksum500e1fa499ce2ecd9a04889a085885a88a96c2cd
Package File SHA-384 Checksum38b060a751ac96384cd9327eb1b1e36a21fdb71114be07434c0cc7bf63f6e1da274edebfe76f65fbd51ad2f14898b95b
Archive Count16
Archive Size36.03 MB
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