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WP Version5.7.1
Release TimeThu, 22 Apr 2021 23:38:52 +0200
Plugin NameDrX Cache
Plugin URIhttps://www.orcapia.com/plugins/plugin-drx-cache/
DescriptionA super simple and fast cache plugin for WordPress. Requires SQLite installed on the web server. Cache files are kept in the servers temporary directory.
Text Domaindrx-cache
Domain Path/languages
Package Filedrx-cache-1.1.83.zip require login
Package File Size8.81 KB
Package File MD5 Checksum043e9375e17f19cb874f9081c818d6d9
Package File SHA-1 Checksumcaae35532696ffecc5c1b919a311ce642711dfd3
Package File SHA-384 Checksum89427e8aa720fc0a933fd2f853a6aea1234fd7a299791892877dee6b5b660cb968080846371325ae87e9a6398bd98e1e
Archive Count8
Archive Size121.26 KB
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