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WP Version5.9
Release TimeWed, 26 Jan 2022 11:05:32 +0100
Plugin NameDrX gMaps
Plugin URIhttps://www.orcapia.com/plugins/plugin-drx-gmaps/
Text Domaindrx-gmaps
Domain Path/languages
Package Filedrx-gmaps-1.3.57.zip require login
Package File Size12.25 KB
Package File MD5 Checksumc2afec113ae13506295ed58912c802d8
Package File SHA-1 Checksum1123a8b833fa1d5040d338a58dc283e1cb3bb2fb
Package File SHA-384 Checksuma6cdbce023d4094452bfbd5b4cd327e1489f02fbb36b4145f9b70fc4b85b5d5328dc78470523b0ea7bae2717da2bbdcf
Archive Count44
Archive Size194.80 KB
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