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Banner DrX Interchange 1.0.72
WP Version6.0.1
Release TimeWed, 17 Aug 2022 16:00:25 +0200
Plugin NameDrX Interchange
Plugin URIhttps://www.orcapia.com/plugins/plugin-drx-interchange/
Author URIhttps://www.orcapia.com/
DescriptionData interchange plugin for WordPress. Ads an API endpoint to the WP installation. Standard formats are JSON (lossless), CSV (lossy) and XLSX (lossy). The lossy formats are meant for improving readability to humans. Use lossless formats machine-to-machine.
Text Domaindrx-interchange
Domain Path/languages
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Package File SHA-1 Checksumff9d615d05edf96559bd8e34fdbec7b90f0b7c6a
Package File SHA-384 Checksum0c8ea811329d3ba83d6e26276b2f8c36fc0578b27ea5eb5b36c25d152ff7af1ef2d9434b099fb5908eb91b4d08b24336
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