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Banner DrX Updater for WordPress Themes and Plugins 1.1.72
WP Version5.9
Release TimeWed, 09 Feb 2022 00:52:21 +0100
Plugin NameDrX Updater for WordPress Themes and Plugins
Plugin URIhttps://www.orcapia.com/plugins/plugin-drx-updater/
DescriptionAutomatic multisite updater for self-hosted WordPress themes and plugins. For themes and plugins that can't be submitted to official WordPress repository ie. commercial or proprietary themes/plugins.
Text Domaindrx-updater
Domain Path/languages
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Package File MD5 Checksum9ced7ad195604fa6e87a86f935679f7e
Package File SHA-1 Checksum6ee208f782b447d3cd5ffbcc7ca4a4a4c80ff50c
Package File SHA-384 Checksumafc4a06a5b4b2cde20fe75a8e119f3e75fe9791bdbe158c3610465702e0fab8aaf2f217c2f25f84cf66c07c4e68bbf12
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