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Banner DrX QR Code 1.0.71
WP Version6.4.3
Release TimeMon, 19 Feb 2024 15:20:18 +0000
Plugin NameDrX QR Code
Text Domaindrx-qr-code
Domain Path/languages
Package Filedrx-qr-code-1.0.71.zip require login
Package File Size39.40 KB
Package File MD5 Checksumae81b7ec01016b6ff68980b306b50f1d
Package File SHA-1 Checksum8b053b4965bba964b1a7bf0705dbce70179153d1
Package File SHA-384 Checksumcd910cb2fdbd5dde05ed623b07a7979feecd8409285cd602fa1e4f45749a419daddfa77a9f730bf04bb17cf313ade867
Archive Count18
Archive Size235.23 KB
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