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Banner WooCommerce Remove Add to Cart Button 1.0.8
WP Version6.4.1
Release TimeSat, 11 Nov 2023 14:59:14 +0000
Plugin NameWooCommerce Remove Add to Cart Button
DescriptionRemoves all add to car buttons when enabled. Does not make any aditional changes to the site.
Plugin URIhttps://www.orcapia.com/plugins/plugin-drx-woocommerce-remove-add-to-cart-button/
Text Domaindrx-woocommerce-remove-add-to-cart-button
Domain Path/languages
Package Filedrx-woocommerce-remove-add-to-cart-button-1.0.8.zip free / unrestricted
Package File Size9.36 KB
Package File MD5 Checksum983d707316cb8ea8c6b01d45b32b02ca
Package File SHA-1 Checksum0a55b358d178332c6eeef7ea031b756f56247861
Package File SHA-384 Checksum759721f490d4750d6ee3a390aeeee932ce57d9ed364bfa3ed570553dc54dffc717cad112c1751a6183a03b16a4cdce6b
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